Implementing Effective Operational Risk Management Frameworks in Central BanksSecond seminar of the Bank of Italy's 2013 annual technical cooperation seminars programme

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Bank of Italy - Rome, 12 June 2013 - 14 June 2013

This year, the second seminar of Banca d'Italia annual programme of technical cooperation with central banks of emerging countries was devoted to the operational risk management in central banks.

Starting from Banca d'Italia experience, the seminar focused on the concept of operational risk, its measurement and its management process, also at the Eurosystem level.

Particular attention was devoted to the analysis of practical experiences, with specific regard to the fields of cash management, IT and internal audit. Aspects related to the business continuity were also presented. To stimulate discussion, a case study on the management of an operational incident was proposed to seminar participants.

Presentations were given by Banca d'Italia experts; furthermore, some guests presented their countries' experiences, in order to foster the exchange of views on various national perspectives.