Payment and Settlement Systems in a Changing Environment: The experience of a European National Central BankThird seminar of the Bank of Italy's 2008 annual technical cooperation seminars programme

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Bank of Italy - Rome, 22 October 2008 - 24 October 2008

In the framework of its annual programme of cooperation with central banks of emerging economies, the Bank of Italy has organized a seminar in Rome on recent developments in payment and settlement systems, viewed from the perspective of a national European central bank engaged in its various functions in this area, ranging from overseer of payment systems and relevant market infrastructures, to service provider, to user of these facilities.

Representatives from 29 central banks of new EU member states, EU candidates and potential candidates, countries included in the EU neighbourhood policy and other emerging countries are participating in the seminar, which focuses on large value payment systems (with specific sessions on TARGET2), retail payment systems (with sessions devoted to SEPA and the European legal framework), securities clearing and settlement systems (including relevant TARGET2-securities developments). Crisis management issues are also discussed. Presentations are delivered by experts from the Bank of Italy.

Participation in the Bank of Italy's international cooperation seminars is by invitation only.