Call for proposals - 2022

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The '2022 Call for Proposals' is dedicated to the following theme:

'Application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to banking, financial, insurance and payment services, with special regard to ensuring: governance reliability and compliance with the applicable provisions and guidelines expressed by the Authorities; robust settlement mechanisms with particular regard to solutions capable of ensuring the final settlement of payments in central bank money; interoperability with other DLT platforms or platforms based on alternative models (e.g. API); certainty and security of operations from a technical and legal standpoint (for example, in terms of transaction finality); and consumer protection.'

As with the '2021 Call for Proposals', the projects were submitted by three different categories of Italian or foreign entities, for each of which there is a dedicated operational area of Milano Hub:

  • Fintech Hub: non-bank/non-financial firms (e.g. technology solution providers);
  • Innovation Hub: banking, financial and insurance intermediaries;
  • Research & Development Hub: universities, research institutions, other entities.

The project selection phase is carried out by an evaluation panel.

Projects are evaluated based on three criteria:

  • 'Relevance', which measures how relevant projects are to the theme of the Call for Proposals;
  • 'Value', which includes the following sub-criteria: system relevance and scalability, innovative content, completeness, and sustainability;
  • 'Viability', which includes the sub-criteria of feasibility, measurability and security.

The three criteria and their respective sub-criteria will be weighted differently depending on the project's operational area.

Projects within Milano Hub usually receive support for up to six months.

For more information, please see the Rules for the 2022 Call for Proposals and the Provisions of the 2022 Call for Proposals.

For any further enquiry or clarification, please contact