Euro foreign exchange reference rates as of 22 May 2020

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Euro foreign exchange reference rates as of 22/05/2020

The reference rates are based on the regular daily concertation procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks, which normally takes place at 2.15 p.m. ECB time (CET).

Exchange rates table
US dollar1.0904
Japanese yen117.26
Bulgarian lev1.9558
Czech koruna27.210
Danish krone7.4578
Pound sterling0.89563
Hungarian forint349.40
Polish zloty4.5209
New Romanian leu4.8435
Swedish krona10.5373
Swiss franc1.0591
Icelandic krona156.30
Norwegian krone10.9078
Croatian kuna7.5845
Russian rouble77.9139
Turkish lira7.4227
Australian dollar1.6694
Brazilian real6.0857
Canadian dollar1.5273
Chinese yuan renminbi7.7797
Hong Kong dollar8.4571
Indonesian rupiah16249.14
Israeli shekel3.8459
Indian rupee82.7265
South Korean won1353.51
Mexican peso25.0450
Malaysian ringgit4.7569
New Zealand dollar1.7870
Philippine peso55.349
Singapore dollar1.5521
Thai baht34.778
South African rand19.2476

last update 22/05/2020