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  1. No. 568 - Evolution of trade patterns in the new EU member StatesData di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Andrea Zaghini
  2. No. 567 - A quantitative analysis of the mechanisms for adjustment of the external deficit of the United States (only in Italian)Data di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Francesco Paternò
  3. No. 566 - Are there asymmetries in the response of bank interest rates to monetary shocks?Data di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Leonardo Gambacorta and Simonetta Iannotti
  4. No. 565 - Financial wealth in the financial accounts and in the Survey of Household Income and Wealth (only in Italian)Data di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Riccardo Bonci, Grazia Marchese and Andrea Neri
  5. No. 564 - Technology transfer and economic growth in developing countries: an econometric analysisData di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Valerio Crispolti and Daniela Marconi
  6. No. 563 - The price strategies of export-oriented Italian firms (only in Italian)Data di pubblicazione:25 November 2005by Matteo Bugamelli and Roberto Tedeschi
  7. No. 562 - Banks’ participation in the Eurosystem auctions and money market integrationData di pubblicazione:25 September 2005by Giuseppe Bruno, Maurizio Ordine and Antonio Scalia
  8. No. 561 - Testing the home market effect in a multi-country world: a theory-based approachData di pubblicazione:25 September 2005by K. Behrens, A. R. Lamorgese, G. I. P. Ottaviano, T. Tabuchi
  9. No. 560 - Regulation, formal and informal enforcement and the development of the household loan market. Lessons from ItalyData di pubblicazione:25 September 2005by Luca Casolaro, Leonardo Gambacorta and Luigi Guiso
  10. No. 559 - Product specialization of Italian exports: characteristics and changes (only in Italian)Data di pubblicazione:25 September 2005by Paola Monti

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