Circular No. 154. Credit and financial institutions' supervisory reports: preparation and transmission

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This Circular contains the instructions for producing and sending the reports that supervised intermediaries are required to transmit to the Bank of Italy. It is divided into three parts.

The first part contains a common set of administrative and technical and operating instructions for banks and other financial institutions, while the second and third contain the reporting formats and information coding instructions respectively for banks and other financial intermediaries.

In particular, this Circular governs the following information flows:

- banks' supervisory reports (see Circular No. 272 "Manual for preparing supervisory returns");
- banks' consolidated supervisory reports (see Circular No. 115 "Instructions for preparing banks' supervisory reports on a consolidated basis");
- statistical and supervisory reports on securities intermediation (see Circular No. 148 "Manuale delle segnalazioni statistiche e di vigilanza per gli Intermediari del Mercato Mobiliare");
- statistical supervisory reports of financial intermediaries referred to in Article 107 of Legislative Decree 385/1993 (see Circular No. 217 "Manuale per la compilazione delle Segnalazioni di Vigilanza per gli Intermediari Finanziari iscritti nell'Elenco Speciale");
- statistical and supervisory reports of collective investment undertakings (see Circular No. 189"Manuale delle Segnalazioni Statistiche e di Vigilanza per gli Organismi di Investimento Collettivo del Risparmio").

This Circular also governs the return flow of data supplied to banks, obtained through statistics compiled on the basis of the database fed by the above-mentioned reports.