Central Credit Register

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The Central Credit Register is an information system on the debt of the customers of the banks and financial companies supervised by the Bank of Italy.

The Bank of Italy collects information on customers' borrowings from the intermediaries and notifies them of the risk position of each customer vis-à-vis the banking system.

By means of the Central Credit Register the Bank of Italy provides intermediaries with a service intended to improve the quality of the lending of the credit system and ultimately to enhance its stability.

Persons interested in knowing their position at the Central Credit Register can apply in the manner laid down in the section "Access to Central Credit Register Data by Interested Parties".

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Initial Information Service

This service is for the credit and financial intermediaries that participate in the Central Credit Register. After it receives information on the loans granted by the participating intermediaries to individual customers, the Bank of Italy aggregates the data for each borrower (e.g. for each firm) and calculates their total debt exposure to the credit and financial system.

Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register is an information system operated by the Bank of Italy that collects the data supplied by banks and financial companies on the credit they grant to their customers.