Property sales

The Bank is continuing the sale of properties vacated following the reorganization of its branch network.

The properties for sale are mainly bank buildings in the historic centre of the towns where the branches have been closed down. Some income-generating properties located nearby are also for sale. These are highly prestigious properties, in many cases of great historic and artistic interest, an important part of the urban environment and a point of reference for the local community.

When disposing of property, the Bank evaluates expressions of interest received directly or in response to published notices of sale.

The Bank selects purchasers in accordance with the standards and appraised values defined in consultation with independent experts as well as based on information obtained on the potential buyer.

The Bank also considers expressions of interest in renting its properties or leasing them without charge

The Bank does not use intermediaries for its property sales; it is only when selling and/or renting a limited number of single units for residential use that agents are appointed on a non-exclusive basis.

Information on the properties for sale can be found in the following lists:

List of properties/Properties owned by the Bank. This is a list of all the properties owned by the Bank, highlighting those that are available for sale or rental.

Properties for sale/New property sales. This section contains a short description of the Bank’s properties that are available for sale following the reorganization of the branch network.

Properties for sale/Featured properties for sale. This is a list of properties for sale for which the Bank has received firm expressions of interest.

For information on the properties for sale, please contact the Bank of Italy by e-mail at: or by certified e-mail at

The above email addresses (e-mail o pec) may also be used to submit expressions of interest in purchasing or renting a property.

Properties for sale

Properties for rental