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Since 16 January 2017 the Bank of Italy’s statistical data have been published in the ‘Statistics’ series with a new layout and renewed contents. For further details consult the page Statistics series.

The Bank of Italy publishes twice-yearly statistics on the payment system, in particular:

  • Use by households and firms of retail payment services and instruments provided or issued by banks and non-banks;
  • Functioning of the interbank clearing and settlement circuits managed by the Bank of Italy;
  • Clearing and settlement services for transactions in securities.

The time series of the data published in this section are available in the Statistical Database section of the website.

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Payment System

Questa sezione riporta statistiche relative al sistema dei pagamenti. Un primo gruppo di serie storiche fornisce informazioni sull'utilizzo dei servizi e degli strumenti di pagamento al dettaglio da parte delle famiglie e delle imprese, forniti o emessi da soggetti bancari e non bancari.