The Regional Economies series provides a territorial analysis (by region and macro-region) of developments in the Italian economy.

The studies on the individual regions include an annual report issued in June each year (with data mainly on the previous year) plus an update in November (with data for the current year). The publications are produced in cooperation with the Bank’s regional main branches, which inquire into local cyclical conditions and economic and financial structure and collect statistical data thanks to the collaboration of economic agents, financial intermediaries, public institutions, trade associations and other bodies.

Like the regional notes, a national report summarizing the analysis by macro-region is published at the start of the summer and at the end of autumn each year (“Economic developments in the Italian regions”). One of these two issues also contains monographic essays on the main local economic questions (“Economic developments in the Italian regions -Short-term dynamics and structural features”). At the same time, the findings of the Bank of Italy’s survey of a sample of 400 banks on the terms of credit supply and on the demand for credit are released (“Credit supply and demand in the macro-regions”).

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