Historical series of the Bank of Italy

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The aim of the Historical series, published by Laterza until 2011 and by Marsilio since 2012, is to make documents, statistics, analyses and monographic studies available to researchers, as instruments serving to stimulate and facilitate scholarship.

The series is divided into four parts:

  • Documents from the Bank’s historical archive and other archives
  • Statistics covering the real and financial fields, reconstructed on the basis of original sources or accompanied by new critical comment, and providing the necessary quantitative support to economic historical analysis
  • Analysis of various aspects of Italian economic and financial history
  • Essays and Research the collection of monographic essays.

Scientific Committee

Ignazio Visco (Chairman), Piero Barucci, Tancredi Bianchi, Valerio Castronovo, Filippo Cesarano, Pierluigi Ciocca, Franco Cotula, Alberto Cova, Marcello de Cecco†, Guido M. Rey and Gianni Toniolo

Where to find them

The volumes of the Historical series are on sale in leading bookshops. They can be consulted in more than 100 Italian libraries: the national libraries and those of several universities and public entities. They can also be consulted in 20 libraries located in 6 foreign countries.

Latest publications