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Since 16 January 2017 the Bank of Italy’s statistical data have been published in the ‘Statistics’ series with a new layout and renewed contents. For further details consult the page Statistics series.

These are monthly statistics on transactions between residents and non-residents, broken down into the following items:

  • current account, which includes statistics on exports and imports of goods and services as well as primary and secondary income
  • capital account, covering imports and exports of capital goods that are not produced
  • financial account, which includes direct investment, portfolio investment, other investments and changes in official reserves. The Supplement report also gives details of Italy’s international investment position, monthly average exchange rates of the euro against the leading currencies and the competitiveness indicators of twenty-five countries calculated on the basis of the producer prices of manufactures.

The time series of the data published in this section are available in the Statistical Database section of the website.

For further details click on Methods and Sources: Methodological Notes and on Italy's balance of payments and international investment position manual (only in Italian)

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