'The Bank of Italy: who we are and what we do'. Governor Ignazio Visco presents programme for the public

On 8 June, at the Bank of Italy's Milan branch, Governor Ignazio Visco introduced the new 'The Bank of Italy: who we are and what we do' programme, designed to help the public better understand the role and responsibilities of Italy's central bank. Governor Visco unveiled the programme in an interview with the Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor of Corriere della Sera, Luciano Fontana and Daniele Manca.

The programme will take the form of a cycle of four roundtable discussions to explain in clear and simple language the Bank's role and the services it provides to the public. Experts from the Bank of Italy will be joined by industry professionals and journalists from national and local publications in an information drive that will utilize multimedia tools, videos, interactive activities, infographics and instant surveys; it will also make use of an app that will enable the public to participate directly in the debates.

The themed encounters, which will begin in September in four pilot cities (Milan, Turin, Florence and Naples), will touch upon the following topics:
1) 'Innovation in payment systems, Fintech and crypto-assets'
2) 'Monetary policy and protecting the value of money'
3) 'Monitoring financial sector stability and protecting consumers of banking and financial services'
4) 'Analysis of the international and domestic economies'