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  1. 5 August 2016 The Bank of Italy's capital withdrawal from CDP Equity (formerly FSI SpA) The Bank of Italy, exercising its rights under the agreements reached with CDP Equity (formerly Fondo Stategico Italiano, or FSI) and its parent company Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, has started the process for the complete withdrawal of its capital...
  2. 4 August 2016 Governor Visco's interview with The interview given by the Governor of Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, to is now online.
  3. 29 July 2016 International Technical Cooperation Newsletter No. 6 - July 2016 The sixth issue of the International Technical Cooperation Newsletter is now available. It is a  twice-yearly publication, intended to inform readers about technical cooperation at the Bank of Italy.
  4. 29 July 2016 The Italian Payments Committee Annual Report for 2015 Today the Italian Payments Committee has released its first 2015 Annual Report.
  5. 21 July 2016 New releases of Occasional Papers of the Bank of Italy and Newsletter on the economic research - 21 July 2016 Today the Bank of Italy has released fourteen Occasional Papers (No. 334-347) and the No. 43 of the Newsletter on the economic research in Bank of Italy.
  6. 13 July 2016 New releases of Working papers of the Bank of Italy - 13 July 2016 Today the Bank of Italy has released eight new Working papers (No. 1070-1077).

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Presentation of the 2015 Annual Report - video (only in Italian)

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July 2016 - July 2015

Euro area

GDP growth

Third quarter 2015 - Fourth quarter 2015

Euro area

Exchange rates

date: 24 August 2016


ECB interest rates

As of 16 March 2016

Main refinancing operations


The supervisory activities of the Bank of Italy and the bank resolution

In this section, the Bank of Italy publishes documents and information relating to the supervisory activity in general and to the supervision of the four banks in "resolution".

Further information

In this section the Bank of Italy provides further information on its decisions and actions. In some cases the information is given in response to reports in the press.

The Bank of Italy's Annual Reports from 1894 are online

All of the Bank of Italy’s Annual Reports are now online from its first financial year in 1894 to date. The first English translation dates from 1923.

Lira-euro conversion

In compliance with Ruling 216/2015 of Italy’s Constitutional Court, which declared unlawful the bringing forward of the deadline for terminating the redemption of lira banknotes from 28 February 2012 to 6 December 2011 (Article 6 of Decree Law 201/2011, converted into Law 214/2011), on 22 January 2016, the Bank of Italy began lira-euro exchange operations at its branches.


The Bank's geographical organization consists of Branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals. The Branches' activities relate to the State treasury service, banking and financial supervision, banknote circulation, payment system and economic analysis and statistical surveys at the local level.

International Technical cooperation

The Bank of Italy shares its knowledge and experience with the central banks and financial authorities of the emerging countries, supplying staff training activities and technical consultancy.

Bank of Italy's Art Collection

By making its art collection available on its website the Bank of Italy offers the general public the opportunity to view and admire the most important works in its possession. The precious and varied collection has been built up over time through numerous purchases and today it covers a vast time span and many geographical areas.


  1. 26 August Statistics Italian contribution to euro-area monetary aggregates and Summary data on Monetary Financial Institutions resident in Italy Rome
  2. 31 August Statistics Italy's international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Rome
  3. 31 August Statistics The Statistical Bulletin - Monthly Tables Rome
  4. 31 August Statistics Ita-coin Rome
  5. 31 August Press releases €-coin: August 2016 Roma
  6. 7 September Statistics Bank of Italy balance-sheet aggregates Rome
  7. 7 September Statistics Bank of Italy official reserves Rome
  8. 8 September Appointments Monetary policy meeting of the ECB Governing Council Frankfurt
  9. 9 September Press releases Main items of banks' balance sheets 12 month percentage changes Rome