Administrative proceedings and right of access

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In the course of its administrative activities the Bank of Italy applies the provisions of Law 241/1990 on administrative proceedings and the right of access to administrative documents.

For each type of proceeding the Bank identifies, with reference to the regulations published in this section, the deadline for completion and the internal division responsible for conducting the investigation and for fulfilling any other administrative obligations.

In proceedings initiated by a member of the public, any failure to adopt the final measure in the terms prescribed is tantamount to its acceptance (tacit acceptance procedures); this exclude proceedings for which Community law requires the adoption of formal provisions and those in which the law defines silence as a rejection of the petition.

If the proceeding does not reach a conclusion by the established deadline, private individuals may apply to a “substitute”, who will conclude the procedural activities within half of the originally established timeframe. For proceedings relative to the launch and exercise of a business activity private individuals, subject to the activation of the substitute within twenty days of the deadline’s expiry, can apply for compensation for the delay.  

This section also contains the Regulations issued by the Bank of Italy on the right of access to administrative documents.

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