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As part of the Biennale Centro Studi Confindustria in Bari on "social capital: country power" Governor Ignazio Visco gave a speech on "Human capital, innovation and economic development"

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Economic indicators


0.3% Italy Mar.14/Mar.13

0.5% Area Mar.14/Mar.13

GDP growth

+0.1% Italy Q4 2013/ Q3 2013
+0.3% Area Q4 2013/ Q3 2013
Exchange rates
$ 1.3855 17 Apr 2014
¥ 141.57 17 Apr 2014

ECB interest rates

(Main refinancing operations)
0.25% effective from 13 November 2013

The Italian economy in brief


Euro area growth indicator

The Bank of Italy shares its knowledge and experience with the central banks and financial authorities of the emerging countries, supplying staff training activities and technical consultancy.

Further details

The first phase of the school Prize "Let's invent a banknote" has come to a conclusion. The results of the first part of the competition, as well as the communications related to the final selection and the awards ceremony are available in the "Novità" section of the relevant website.

Further information (only in Italian)

The 1893 Banking Law (Law 449 of 10 August 1893) created and set up the Bank of Italy. On its 120th anniversary, the TV channel Rai Storia (channel n. 54) has produced and broadcasted "Una giornata particolare - La Banca dell'Italia" ("A Special Day - The Central Bank of Italy") a documentary that retraces some of the events of its establishment, through the accounts of Bank of Italy's Deputy Governor Salvatore Rossi and of economist Marco Onado.

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This section is aimed at persons interested in developing their economic and financial knowledge and at those who, as savers and users of banking services, wish to enhance their financial culture.

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By making its art collection available on its website the Bank of Italy offers the general public the opportunity to view and admire the most important works in its possession.

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The Bank's geographical organization consists of 58 Branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

The Branches' activities relate to the State treasury service, banking and financial supervision, banknote circulation, payment system and economic analysis and statistical surveys at the local level.

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    As part of the LUISS University's two-day conference to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Guido Carli, Governor Ignazio Visco today gave an introductory speech on the contribution of the economist to the modernization of Italy.
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    Issue No. 34 of New Research at the Bank of Italy - the newsletter on the research activity conducted within the Bank - is now available. Its sections contain accounts of the latest conferences, and abstracts of publications of the Bank economists in the Working Papers and Occasional Papers series and in international journals.

    You can receive the electronic newsletter free of charge via e-mail alert service or RSS feed.
  • Newsletter No. 34 - March 2014


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  • Press releases in chronological order, news on important issues for the Bank, the schedule of events, procedures for accreditation for journalists, timetable of statistical publications, photo gallery and video gallery.
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    8 Bruxelles - Meeting of the ECB Governing Council

    21 Frankfurt - Meeting of the ECB Governing Council

    30 Rome - Shareholders' meeting of the Bank of Italy

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