She was born in Rome on 3 August and is married with one child.

In 1987 she graduated summa cum laude in Economics and Business from La Sapienza University of Rome and wrote a dissertation on finance.

She joined the Bank of Italy in 1989 and was assigned to the Banking Supervision Area, where she was involved in the supervision of smaller banks; from 2001 she also worked with specialized and recently established banks. She helped to develop the supervisory tasks assigned to the Bank of Italy’s branches and their coordination.

In 2006, as deputy to the Head of the Licensing and Ownership Division, she began to work on the reallocation of the banking system’s property and the creation of new banks, either ex novo or following the reorganization of existing banking groups. In 2008 she was put in charge of the Division which, following the reorganization of the Supervision Area, focused on access to the Italian market for new and foreign banks and financial intermediaries.

In 2013 she became Head of the Crisis Management Division for banks and other supervised intermediaries, which is also responsible for special administration and liquidation procedures.

In 2014 she was appointed Deputy Head of the new Consumer Protection and Anti-Money Laundering Directorate, tasked with checking the transparency and fairness of banks’ behaviour and the safeguards against money laundering in the banking and financial system, assisting the Banking and Financial Ombudsman and promoting and creating schemes to improve the financial literacy of both young people and adults.

She has been a member and a president of examining boards for recruiting graduates at the Bank of Italy. As a result of her career experience, she has worked on drawing up supervisory regulations and guidelines, taken part in projects for international technical cooperation, set up schemes for training and external communications, published essays and spoken at various conferences.

She has been Head of the Financial Supervision Directorate since 20 November 2018.