He was born in Rome, Italy on 28th November 1963, and graduated cum laude in Economics and Statistical Sciences from La Sapienza University, Rome, in 1989. He did his postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester (UK), where he was awarded a Master of Arts in Economics in 1992.

In the same year, he joined the Bank of Italy's Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research, where he contributed to the analysis of inflation and of the economic outlook, as well as to the production of short-term inflation forecasts.

In 2000, he was appointed Head of the Price Dynamics Analysis Unit and in 2010 Head of the Economic Outlook Division. In that period, he represented the Bank of Italy in several working groups and research networks in the Eurosystem and in other international institutions.

In 2016, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Statistical Data Collection and Processing Directorate and he became Head of the same Directorate in November 2019.

He has published many articles in Italian and international scientific journals, mainly on macroeconomic topics.