The "Fintech Hub" is the area of the Milano Hub dedicated to startups that offer digital solutions to innovate financial, banking, and insurance services by leveraging new technologies and new approaches.

The two dimensions of Value and Viability will receive equal weights. The Value of the proposal will be evaluated through the following criteria: systemic relevance and scalability; Completeness; Sustainability and innovative content. The Viability of the proposal is evaluated through the following criteria: measurability and security.

How to participate

The application for admission is free of charge and reserved for those who meet the Requirements specified above.

To be eligible, the following documents must be completed and digitally signed:

  • application (Form A);
  • general data and proof of fulfilment of the objective requirements (Form B);
  • personal details of the entities that participate as a group (Form B other participants);
  • Declaration of fulfilment of the integrity requirements (Form C);
  • project proposal for the Fintech Hub (Form D1);
  • Business Plan (Form E).

For further information, please, write to

The stages of the participation process


    27/09/2021 - 29/10/2021
    Presentation of candidacy for Call for Proposal 2021


    30/10/2021 - 28/11/2021
    Evaluation period for the applications


    Deadline for the announcement of the selection's results


    January 2022
    Start of the activity. Each selected project will be assigned a support team that will follow its development