Directorate General for Human Resources and Organization

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Director General - Secretary General: Corrado Baldinelli

Deputy Director General: Alberto Martiello
Number of employees: 526

Human Resources Directorate

The directorate takes part in drafting the Bank's guidelines for human resources management, determines their mode of implementation and works with the various units of the Bank in applying them.

It drafts the regulations governing employment relationships and handles trade union relations.

It is in charge of recruitment and personnel selection, oversees the development of staff skills and carries out training programmes. It runs the systems for evaluation, promotion and allocation of human resources.

It is responsible for staff regulations and compensation. It sees to the payment of pensions and the administration of the Bank's supplementary pension fund. It institutes disciplinary proceedings and warnings.

Number of employees: 166


Organization Directorate

The directorate oversees organizational development. It coordinates the strategic planning procedure. It examines developments in organizational practices and models. In addition it manages and develops information systems to support organizational analysis.

It proposes changes to the organizational structure of the Head Office and the branch network, to coordination procedures, and to the system of powers and responsibilities.

The directorate encourages innovation in and streamlining of work processes and operating systems. It also develops project management methodologies. It is responsible for the Bank's public key certification service.

It establishes the criteria for the Bank's internal rules and regulations and coordinates the application of external regulations. It is responsible for the quality of the Bank’s rules and regulations and it formulates updates to the General Regulations. It discharges the obligations imposed by law for the processing of personal data.

It coordinates the operational risk management system, providing assistance to the Bank's organizational units in conducting risk assessments and formulating response measures. It coordinates the business continuity system and handles general Bank emergencies.

It provides prevention and protection services in respect of employee health and safety, and is in charge of initiatives to improve working conditions and organizational well-being. It promotes the Bank's environmental policy.

Number of employees: 88


Secretariat to the Governing Board and Communications Directorate

The directorate liaises between the Bank's structures and the Governing Board. It also handles the Governing Board's relations with the institutions provided for in the Constitution, the other Italian authorities, the European Central Bank, other central banks, and Italian and foreign economic organizations in general. It provides support services for the shareholders' meetings, the General Council and the Board of Auditors.

It ensures that rules concerning the governance of the Bank are enforced and implements amendments to the Bank's statute.

It is responsible for external communications and activity to promote the Bank's image. It monitors new national and international legislation.

Number of employees: 137


General Affairs Directorate

The directorate manages and coordinates all document handling activities. It is responsible for the Bank's publications and administers the printing office.

It deals with insurance matters and corporate mobility.

The directorate provides services of general utility for the Bank, coordinates and assists with the organization of events and the opening to the public spaces of historical and artistic interest.

Number of employees: 111