Pier Francesco Ferrari

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Born in Rome in 1957.

After graduating from a classical lyceum, he earned a degree in law from La Sapienza University of Rome in 1982 and wrote his thesis on tax law.

He joined the Bank of Italy in 1984 and was assigned first to the Varese Branch, then to the Potenza and Cosenza branches. Over the course of his career he has worked in various capacities. Most recently and prior to his current appointment, he worked in the area of banking and financial supervision with duties that included carrying out inspections.

He was made a manager in 2000 and transferred to what is now the Internal Audit Directorate, where he coordinated numerous audits of the structures and processes of the Bank of Italy's Head Office and branches. His also helped to develop new audit procedures, aligning them with both external developments and changes in the Bank of Italy's institutional activities.

In April 2018 he was made Head of the General Affairs Directorate and in this capacity also serves as the Bank's Mobility Manager.