Mr Aponte was born in Pordenone on 8 September 1954. He earned a degree in law cum laude at ‘Federico II’ University of Naples in 1976, presenting a thesis on cross-shareholdings under commercial law. Having satisfied his military service obligation, he joined the Bank of Italy in 1978, working in its Belluno Branch, where he gained experience in the various activities of the Bank’s branch network.

In 1979 he was moved to the Head Office in Rome, where he was assigned to the Expenditure Analysis and Verification Department to work on remuneration policies. In 1981 he was transferred to the newly formed Personnel Rules and Remuneration Department, where he conducted research into the laws on employment and labour relations, focusing primarily on public employment. He was first made Head of the Rules and Regulations Division and later Head of the Employment Regulations and Trade Union Relations Division.

He was part of management at the Naples Branch from 1992 to 1998, during which time he assumed positions of greater responsibility up to Deputy Manager.

He then returned to the Personnel Rules and Remuneration Department, of which he was appointed head in 2006. In 2014 he was named Deputy Director General for Human Resources and Organization, which involved coordinating the work for all the Bank’s union negotiations and, most recently, handling the reform of the rules on working schedules and career streams. Mr Aponte represented the Bank of Italy as a member of the ECB’s Human Resources Conference.

He was appointed Managing Director for Internal Audit on 1 February 2017 and also serves as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Officer and the Data Protection Officer.