Born in Naples on 3 June 1955. He graduated with honours in Law from the University of Naples in 1978. In February 1979 his thesis earned him a scholarship, and was printed in summary form in a national publication. His studies were interrupted by the commencement of his employment with the Bank of Italy in 1979. He was assigned to the Como branch, working on matters relating to the supervision of the banking system.

In October 1980 he was transferred to the Bank of Italy’s headquarters where he began to work on issues related to the central government budget, Treasury borrowing requirements, the public finances and state treasury management, the reform of general government and the monitoring of public expenditure.

From July 1983 to 2010 he progressed up the Bank of Italy’s career stream to become the deputy head of the Treasury Services Directorate and, as of December 2015, the head of the Directorate.

He has participated in key reform projects pertaining to the State treasury service. Specifically, he has coordinated the implementation of the single treasury for public entities, the creation of the General Government Transactions Information System (Sistema Informativo sulle Operazioni degli Enti Pubblici, or SIOPE) and the release of information on the SIOPE website.

He is a member of various working groups, both within and external to the Bank of Italy. The external working groups include: the working group on the codification of general government payments and collections for inclusion in SIOPE and the working group on the implementation of accounting and public finance legislation. The internal working groups include, in addition to the groups dedicated to the implementation of the electronic state treasury, the survey conducted by the Bank of Italy on the use of ICT in electronic payments and network activities, with specific reference to firms and general government authorities and on those regarding the computerization of local authorities.

He has participated in national and international seminars relating to the public finances, state treasury services, general government reform, and the use of ITC in payment systems and general government (e-government).

He is the author of numerous studies and publications on the history of the Bank of Italy and state treasury services, general government reform and international competitiveness, reform of the State budget and the Treasury, analysis of the public expenditure supervisory system, the evolution of the state payments system, the development and implementation of SIOPE, and the creation of the Italian Digital Agenda. He recently published Banca d’Italia e Tesoreria dello Stato: vicende storiche, riforme, prospettive (Banca d’Italia, 2013, second edition, 2016) and Il ritardo nei pagamenti delle amministrazioni pubbliche (with M. Degni, Castelvecchi Editore, Roma, 2016).