Born in Milan on 26 November 1955. He obtained a first-class degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Milan Polytechnic in 1979.

He joined the Bank of Italy in 1984 and was assigned to the Econometrics Office of the Economic Research Department, where he was responsible for developing procedures for database management and for the estimation and simulation of the Bank's quarterly econometric model. In this capacity, he worked with experts from the Federal Reserve's Division of Research and Statistics and from other leading research institutes.

In 1989 he attended the University of Pennsylvania as Visiting Scholar in Economics. During this time he also published several articles on numerical analysis, statistics and econometrics.
In 1992 he was appointed Head of the Economic Research Department's IT unit, in charge of coordinating projects for the introduction of new ICT platforms. He oversaw the project for statistical data exchange among European central banks, working first at the European Monetary Institute and then at the European Central Bank, and helped to define and develop data transmission standards. He acted as representative of the Bank of Italy to the Bank for International Settlements (Group of Ten) in matters relating to statistical databases.

In 1998 he was promoted to the post of manager in the ICT Department. There, he worked on the overall testing and production launch of European applications for the payment system, for the conduct of monetary and exchange rate policy, and for transaction-accounting data exchange and statistics exchange with the European Central Bank. His responsibilities included oversight of the ICT group created to liaise between the activities of the various technical and user areas for the ESCB applications, to guarantee service continuity and to handle emergencies.

In 1999-2000 he coordinated the interbank working group on business continuity and emergency management for the Interbank Convention on Automation. He also coordinated a number of major national and international projects and took part in the development and operation of the ESCB ICT systems and applications. In 2008 he contributed to the reorganization of the Bank's entire ICT area.

From 2009 to 2013 he was Head of the IT Operations, Support and Infrastructure Department. On 27 January 2014 he was appointed Deputy Director General for Information Technology.