Born in Rome on 7 July 1955, he is married and has one child.

In 1979 he earned an honours degree in Architecture, graduating from La Sapienza University of Rome.

Early in his career he was involved in planning and overseeing works on various building projects commissioned by public and private actors. From 1981 to 1985 he lived in Qatar where as a self-employed consultant he managed several large-scale projects for the construction of office and residential buildings on behalf of the Public Works Authority of the State of Qatar.

In 1985 he successfully sat the public entrance exam to join the Bank of Italy and returned to his native Italy. Recruited into the managerial career stream, he was initially assigned to the then Property Management Department, since 1990 the Property Services Department, where he worked for the Planning Division of which he became head in 1994 with the grade of Assistant Manager Engineer.

In 2007, following the overhaul of the Property Services Department and its transformation into the Property Administration Department, he became head of the Maintenance and Renovations Division 1 which in 2012 became the Branch Maintenance and Renovations Division 1. In 2013, having risen to the grade of Senior Manager Engineer, he became responsible for supervising the activities of some Divisions within the Directorate. In 2014 he was appointed Deputy Head of the Property Directorate.

Following the Bank of Italy’s adoption of the new code of public procurement, he was given several tasks as Project Manager for the completion of complex restoration work on a number of the Bank’s buildings. Throughout his career, he was also responsible for large-scale restoration and conversion projects of many buildings in Rome and throughout Italy in the Bank’s real-estate portfolio.

Thanks to his many years of experience gained abroad before joining the Bank of Italy, he was also tasked with monitoring the banks’ foreign delegation branches. He has sat on numerous working groups, committees and task forces, including the one that worked with the Bank of Albania on the design and completion of its new headquarters in Tirana. In this connection he was also appointed to the jury that assessed the results of the international competition held to adjudicate the winning architectural design for the central bank’s new premises.

On 1 February 2017 he took up his post as Head of the Property Directorate.