Born in Rome on 9 November 1955. She graduated with honours in Law from the University of Naples Federico II, presenting a thesis in Commercial Law on mutual banks. Upon qualifying to practise law, in 1984 she was admitted to the Rome Bar. She has been qualified to plead in the high courts since 1997.

After initially working for a large commercial bank, she served in the legal departments of two national public entities (Mediocredito Centrale and the Italian State Printing Works).

Following a competitive examination for lawyers, in 1989 she joined the Legal Services Department of the Bank of Italy, where she was responsible, in particular, for advice and litigation in matters of public employment and banking and financial supervision. She participated in drafting the consolidated laws on banking and finance and the reform of company law.

In the autumn of 1999 she was a Visiting Fellow at Nuffield College Oxford (under a Jemolo Fellowship).

She was appointed Deputy Head of the Legal Services Directorate in 2009 and became its Head on 1 July 2011.

She is a member of the Legal Committee at the ECB for supervisory issues (LEGCO-SSM).

She is the author of many writings on commercial and company law and banking legislation, in particular on supervisory authorities and banking crises. She has lectured on these subjects at several universities.