Name: Ignazio Visco
Date of birth: 21 November 1949
Nationality: Italian
Marital status: married, three daughters

Career at the Bank of Italy

Nov. 2011-present Governor (appointed on 1 November 2011; mandate renewed on 1 November 2017)

Jan. 2007-Oct. 2011 Deputy Director General

Mar. 2006-Dec. 2006 Managing Director for Economic Research

Mar. 2004-Mar. 2006 Managing Director for International Affairs

1990-1997 Head of the Structural Economic Analysis Department

1972-1990 Economist and Senior Economist


1981 Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania

1974 M.A. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania

1971 Degree in Economics, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Honours, academic awards and scholarships

2018 Emeritus Professor, Honorary Degree, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

2016 Honorary degree in Statistics for Decision Making, University of Naples Federico II

2015 Master's Degree (Hons) in Statistical and Actuarial Studies, University of Trieste

2011 Cavaliere di Gran Croce, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

2007 Grande Ufficiale, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

2006 "Best in Class" Prize: Faculty of Economics, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1982 Leontief Award for Best Dissertation in Quantitative Economics: Eastern Economic Association

1975-1976 Marco Fanno Scholarship: Mediocredito Centrale

1973-1974 Luigi Einaudi Fellowship: Ente "Luigi Einaudi'' for Monetary, Banking and Financial Studies

1972-1973 Bonaldo Stringher Scholarship: Bank of Italy

1972 Postgraduate Scholarship: Ministry of Education

Positions held in other institutions (in the capacity of Governor of the Bank of Italy)

2013-present Insurance Supervisory Authority (IVASS), Chairman of the Joint Directorate

2011-present European Central Bank (ECB), Member of the Governing Council and General Council

2011-present European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), Member of the General Board

2011-present G7 and G20, Governor - Head of Delegation, Central Bank of Italy

2011-present Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Member of the Board of Directors

2011-present International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) - International Development Association (IDA) - International Finance Corporation (IFC) - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) - Asian Development Bank (ADB), Governor for Italy on the Boards of Governors

2011-present International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Alternate Governor for Italy

2011-present FSB, Member of the Steering Committee, and since September 2016, Chair of Standing Committee on Budget and Resources (SCBR)

2011-present Member of the Italian Financial Stability Committee

Academic positions

1992 Visiting Professor of Economic Policy, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1984-1986 Visiting Professor of Econometrics, University of Rome" La Sapienza"

1978 (Oct.-Dec.) Visiting Scholar, Stanford Research Institute, Washington, D.C.

1975-1976 Fellow, Econometric Research Unit, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Other roles

2016-present CEBRA - Central Bank Research Association, Member of the Senior Council

2009-2011 G7 and G20, Central Bank Deputy

2006-2011 BIS, Alternate Member of the Board of Directors

2006-2012 EU, Member of the Economic and Financial Committee

2005-2012 International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies, Chairman of the Scientific Council

2005-2012 OECD, Member of the Working Party No. 3

2004-2007 Italian insurance and financial group (SACE), Member of the Advisory Committee

2004-2006 G10, Central Bank Deputy for Italy

2004-2005 Asian Development Bank (ADB), Alternate Governor and Head of the Italian Delegation at the 37th and 38th Annual Meetings of the Board of Governors (Republic of Korea and Turkey)

2004-2005 IMF, World Bank Group - Member of the Italian delegation

2004-2011 ESCB, Member of the International Relations Committee International Relations Committee; 2009-2010, Chair

2004-2006 Adriano Olivetti Institute of Studies on Economic and Business Management (ISTAO), Member of the Board of Directors

2003-2007 Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program run by the German Marshall Fund, Member of the Italian Selection Committee

2002-2003 ISAE, Institute of Economic Studies and Analysis (ISAE), Member of the Scientific Committee on Monitoring Italy

2002 Formez-Rosselli Foundation for the Project on Public Administration and Economic Activity, Member of the Advisory Committee

1999-2002; 2004-2011 Bellagio Group on the International Economy, Member

1999-2002 Center for Strategic and International Studies, Member of the Commission on Global Aging

1998-2002 G10, Committee of Deputies - Observer

1997-2002 OECD, Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department

1996-2004 Raffaele Mattioli Lectures Series organized by the Banca Commerciale Italiana in association with Bocconi University, Member of the Scientific Committee

1996 ISTAT, Third National Conference of Statistics at the National Statistics Institute, Member of the Scientific Committee

1995-1997 EU, Economic Policy Committee, Member

1995-1997 Committee for Policy and Coordination of Statistical Information at the Public Administration Department of the Prime Minister's Office, Member

1995-1997 OECD, Ad Hoc Group of High Level Monetary Experts, Member

1995 Marco Fanno and Roberto Olivetti Fellowships Assocation run by the Central Institute for Medium-Term Credit (Mediocredito Centrale), Member of the Management Committee

1994-2001 ENI, Enrico Mattei Foundation, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

1994-1998 National Research Council (CNR), Member of the National Consulting Committee for Economics, Sociology and Statistics

1993 Italian Ministry of Foreign Trade, Member of the Committee on Foreign Trade Monitoring

1992-1997 National Council for Economy and Labour (CNEL), Member of the Scientific Committee on the Distribution and Re-distribution of Income

1991-1997 Inter-University Center of Econometrics, Member of the Scientific Committee

1991-1992 OECD, Member of the Economic Policy Committee

1991-1992 Italian Statistical Society, Member of the Scientific Committee on Statistic and Econometric Methods

1988-1995 CESPEL, Bocconi University, Member of the Management Committee

1988-1991 Italian Ministry for Industry and Trade, Member of the Committee on Price Monitoring

1988 Econometric Society, Member of the Programme Committee for the European Meeting

1986-1987 National Research Council (CNR), Project on the Structure and Evolution of the Italian Economy (Sub-Project No. 3), Director of the Unit on Tariffs, Indirect Taxes and Public Intervention on Prices of Goods and Services of the National Research Council

1983-1985 "DESEC Project" (Seasonal Adjustment of Economic Time Series), Centre for Specialization and Agricultural Economic Research on the South of Italy, Member of the Scientific Committee

1982-1984 Ministry of Public Education, Member of the Committee for the Revision of University Courses in Economics and Business

1978-1980 Central Statistics Institute, Member of the Scientific Committee on the Seasonal Adjustment of Time Series

Fellow of the Italian Statistical Society, the Italian Economists' Society, the Italian Social Sciences Council, the American Economic Association and of the European Economic Association.

Editorial positions:

2001-2012 Member of the Advisory Group on Publications in Economics: "Il Mulino"

2001-2005 Member of the Policy Board: "Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade"

1991-1997 Director of the following Bank of Italy publications: "Bollettino economico", "Economic Bulletin", "Contributi all'analisi economica", "Supplementi al Bollettino statistico", "L'economia italiana: principali indicatori"

1987-2011 Co-editor and Member of the Editorial Advisory Board: "Politica economica"

1986-1991 Associate editor: "European Economic Review"

1984-1987 Member of the Editorial Committee for the following Bank of Italy publications: "Contributi all'analisi economica", "Temi di discussione" (Working Papers)

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