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One of the Bank's essential tasks is the collection of data from supervised intermediaries and the production and dissemination of statistics. It is mandated by Italian law and European Council and ECB regulations.

The statistics, processed and checked according to international standards, are transmitted to the ECB, to Italian and foreign institutions, and to the intermediaries, organizations and institutions that provided the basic data. They are also made available to markets and to scholars through the Bank's publications and publicly accessible databases. A good part of the Bank's statistics can be consulted through the electronic Statistical Database (BDS). It is also possible to request customized processing, i.e. different representations of the statistical data already published. The dissemination of statistical data complies with the law on statistical confidentiality.

The statistics are published according to a schedule which is announced in advance in a press communiqué, available on the website. The macroeconomic indicators which fall within the categories covered by the International Monetary Fund's Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), which Italy subscribed to in 1996, are published in accordance with the provisions on timeliness and method contained in the Standard in a dedicated section of this website.

The main monetary, financial, real economic and balance-of-payments indicators, again processed according to harmonized European definitions and standards, can also be accessed through the "Eurosystem Statistics" application, which in addition to euro-area aggregates also gives the national details for each participating country.

For purposes of economic analysis and statistics, the Bank of Italy conducts regular surveys of Italian households and industrial and service firms. The results are disseminated through this section of the website.

The use and distribution of information contained within the statistics section of the website are permitted under the conditions on the use of ESCB statistics. The Bank of Italy is not responsible for any errors of interpretation or erroneous conclusions drawn from the published data.

Adoption of new international standards: Balance of payments and Financial accounts

ECB statistics (Video)

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